Turns Out You’re Not Supposed to Hate School

The Problems

As we grow up, the problems with our education system really kick in and it affects a lot of us kids. Our school system follows a very strict ‘one size fits all’ policy and kids can get very discouraged from it.

BCI Background

Brain-Computer Interfaces are devices that collect signals from the brain and combine it with an external device. There are three types of BCIs, invasive, semi-invasive and non-invasive and in this article, we will be focusing on the non-invasive.

OpenBCI Headset
How TMS Works

What Have People Done About It

Many people have been thinking about how we can fix this and a lot of innovations including BCIs have been made in the past decade. There is something called Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITSs) and they are “computer programs that model learners psychological states to provide individualized instruction”.

One of NeuroSky’s Products


When asked, lots of students said they felt what they were learning was not applicable for the real world and they wanted more engaging teaching methods. We can do tests where kids are taught material and we try to engage them using different teaching techniques and curriculum. The kids in the tests would wear EEGs to test how engaged they are. We can use this data can change the curriculum into things kids like and to see what teaching methods work better.

Why Aren’t We Doing This Yet?

All of this sounds amazing and like it would help kids a lot but why don’t we use it today? Unfortunately, a lot of the in-depth research done has only been proof of concepts and they haven’t been more than that because of technological and pedagogical factors. Even the companies that got out of that phase like NeuroSky, haven’t been able to implement it into the school system and could only advertise it as a tutoring system.



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