Fisherman Poverty in India

  • Tamil Nadu (91% under the poverty line — 201,855 families)
  • Puducherry (90.39% under the poverty line — 14,347 families)
  • Karnataka (84.09% under poverty line — 32,479 families)

Throwing Away Fish

Low Quality

During the process of spoilage, the quality of fish goes down dramatically. The biggest contributor to fish spoilage is a lack of sufficient cold chain throughout the fish value chain. Storing fish above 32°F fuels the growth of microorganisms and the overall spoilage rate. Spoilage can never be reversed or undone once it has it has happened, but it can be slowed with immediate, effective cooling. Cooling can also help prevent or slow the development of rigor mortis in fish, which occurs as a result of enzymatic reactions at the cellular level causing the muscle tissue to stiffen. Cold temperatures help to retard the rigor mortis process, allowing the fish to remain pliable and marketable for longer.

Oversupply + Low Value

Seasonal fluctuations in demand can cause vast amounts of fish to be discarded before it is even sold to traders. During the monsoon season from May-June, for example, prawn and commercial fish are given priority over “trash fish” (fish with little commercial value, usually smaller or sold for use in animal feed). Due to limited space onboard, 80–90% of trash fish caught is discarded at sea in Maharashtra. Only in areas where there’s a high demand for dry fish or fishmeal is this number lower.

Overfishing (Not Enough Fish)

Industrial Fishing

There has been a gradual increase in the number of mechanized boats that operate along the Uttar Kannada coast from 1957 to 1993. In the last two decades, there has been a threefold increase in mechanized boats in Uttar Kannada. With the increased entry of mechanized crafts today, about 85% of the catch is captured by the mechanized sector, thereby depriving the traditional fishermen of their source of sustenance.

Illegal Fishing

Climate Change Issues



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