This is a two-part article and to understand a lot of what we talk about here, read this article.

This article is meant for people who have a basic understanding of programming, especially the language python. If you don’t have it, this article will still make sense, but it is recommended to understand the project better. If you would like to get a basic understanding of python, I recommend this quick and free course that helps you learn python if you are a beginner.


OpenBCI boards are basically the Arduino of the BCI world and are built mainly for data…


Meditation has different meanings for everyone. Most people think of it as sitting criss-cross on the ground and focusing on your breathing. This is a very common approach to meditation and helps you get to the main point of it: relaxation.

“The point of meditation is not to turn off your thoughts but to instead observe them. “

A lot of the time in our lives, we don’t have time to think about what we want or take a break from stress; meditation allows us to take that break. Although it does give you a break from your work, people…

All sensors have positives and negatives like let’s take the example of sensors in a self-driving car. With just a camera, we can pick up audio and video, but they’re fairly expensive and can only face one direction. What if used Radar sensors? Now we can see far away and see in bad weather conditions, but a Radar lacks in being precise.

Either of these sensors alone is good but has some flaws but if you use them together, they can excel at each other's flaws. To use the different sensors together, you use Sensor Fusion.

To rephrase, Sensor Fusion…

“My attention span is so bad!”

Many people say this phrase, especially after quarantine, including myself. Some people think they were born this way and many people think it’s from staring at screens for too long or not going outside. I was really curious as to what was really going on and how we can increase our attention span.

After lots of research, it turns out that all of those things are right!


Most people know the mental illness, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) also known as attention-deficit disorder (ADD). …

85% of individuals relapse within a year of treatment, according to the Nation Institute on Drug Abuse.

That statistic is absolutely crazy, most people who do rehab are not getting better quickly. The actual treatment for addiction is very inefficient and it puts the person in lots of pain.

2/3 individuals return to drug use within weeks of beginning addiction treatment, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine

For many people with addiction, going to get treatment is already extremely hard. …

Geometry Dash is a fantastic rhythmic game I’ve enjoyed playing a lot in the past. In this article, I go through the steps of my process with this project.


1. Hardware

  • the board and electrodes
  • the headsets
  • putting them together

2. Software

  • OpenBCI GUI
  • Brainflow
  • My Code


The Board and Electrodes

To complete this project, I used brain-computer interfaces, here’s a link to a video explaining the basics of BCIs. In short, they’re devices that allow your brain and a machine to communicate. I used the Ganglion board from OpenBCI. …

“I just stressed for 5 hours doing 6 pages of words problems so I can raise my grade by 1 percent”

This is something my friend told me because she cared so much about grades and to be honest, I would do the exact same thing. The first thing that comes to teens when school is mentioned is work or stress. I asked many teens what they could change about school and a large number of people wanted to be more engaged and to have a better curriculum. …

Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, accounting for an estimated 9.6 million deaths, or one in six deaths and is constantly growing and caused by a genetic mutation.

Our DNA is not perfect and it forms many mutations that are passed down to the next generation. This is how people have different eye colours and hair colour but this can also cause detrimental conditions like diseases and disabilities. When a machine is not working or has an issue, we find what part is causing the problem and replace it. …

Varsha Prasad

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